Who We Are

At Downtown Decorations, we’re in the business of bringing our customers’ visions to life. Whether we’re spreading the holiday spirit on Main Street in a small town with pole banners and wreaths or setting the look for the interior of one of the country’s largest shopping malls, we have the experience and creativity to do it all, from small-budget to high-end. Regardless of the project size, some things remain consistent: We’re easy to do business with, we stand behind our designs and – most importantly – the finished product looks amazing!

When you’re passionate about your work, it shows. The team at Downtown Decorations has fun each day we come to work. We work collaboratively with our customers to understand their ideas and translate them into flawless designs. We bring unique ideas to the table, and we never stop looking for ways to innovate and create something people have never seen before. Simply put, we love what we do – and it doesn't hurt that we’re really, really good at it.

History And Values

Downtown Decorations Inc. was established by Ted Peterson as a small holiday décor business run out of his home basement. His son Garrett Peterson joined the business in 2003, and we quickly outgrew our humble headquarters as we moved from strictly small-town, municipality work to large interior mall and downtown projects.

Our Blog

While we have an ongoing love affair with Christmas, we are busy creating one-of-a-kind décor projects all year round and we want to keep you updated whenever possible. Our blog is the most up-to-date record of our latest prized projects and escapades, so check it now and check it often. As always, if you see a design that strikes your fancy, contact us to learn more about our endless custom design capabilities.

Our Team

Not to toot our own horn, but we like to say that the team at Downtown Decorations Inc. is made up of the finest minds in the decorating world. Though we encourage you to get to know us and make that call yourself, we’re pretty confident you’ll want to go on a second date.


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