Lighting Choices – You be the judge: Color vs. Cool whites vs. Warm whites

I am sure that we can all recall the Christmases and holidays of yesteryear, filled with warm memories, laughs, some tears, and well, of course – tons of sparkling, shining, and gleaming decorations and lighting. While up until a decade ago – the only option on the market was energy sapping incandescence bulbs. The next question was – what do you prefer – white lights or colored? The white we are referring to here has that very familiar golden yellow color glow.
Colleagues and families have been known to have heated, and long term debates that carry on for generations – you usually maintain only one school of thought. However, with the advent of LED’s and their quickly growing popularity the options for Christmas lighting have grown again. The options for white lighting have grown. Customers now have the options of warm white, or cool white lighting. The “cool whites” are referred to as such due to the bluish hue that appears “cool.” It is important to note that there is a MAJOR difference in the “cool whites” of today, and those of just a few years ago. Technology continues to evolve rapidly and so have the lights. What was a distinctly blue hue a few years ago, has changed dramatically to a much more “clear white” color. This cool white option has become incredibly popular within the past few years as towns, cities, retail centers, offices, and building managers prefer there chic, contemporary appearance.
So, not only must one decide incandescent vs. LED, one must also decide on lighting color/style. Perhaps, the popularity of cool whites has risen due to the popularity of LED’s in general. They reduce energy expenditures by 85% and illuminate for over 50,000 hours! To see all of our lighting options please view:

So, I leave you with the question:  What do you and your colleagues prefer for commercial decoration – remember there is no “wrong” answer? Is there a difference in what you prefer for your business venue vs. what you prefer at home?


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