Wow – A Giant 12ft Wreath!

Would it fit on your front door? This 12ft monster was a custom, "last minute" project for one of the Northeast's largest and most prestigious food retailers. Thought it was easy to assemble a 12ft wreath? The answer is no - taking multiple team members the process goes as follows:

  1. Frame fabrication
  2. Garland fabrication
  3. Lighting is added to the garland
  4. Garland is then attached to the frame
  5. The wreath is raised and lowered, tested, double tested, and triple tested to ensure integrity, safety, and visual appeal
  6. Ornamentation using desired ornamentation pattern
  7. Final testing
  8. Disassembly
  9. Packaging
  10. Transport
  11. Final delivery at client location
  12. Installation
  13. One more round of testing
  14. Wreath is enjoyed by all!
Intial round of testing and lighting placement - overseen by the senior account executive on the project


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