Holiday Decorations Purchasing Season Begins Tues. 9/6!

As we all share in the doubled-edged joy of the Labor Day Weekend - this is not only a reminder that Summer is coming to a close, but also that we are entering the holiday decoration purchasing season. After returning from the holiday weekend - you will be thrust into the season without choice. Make sure to bring a big cup of coffee to the office on Tuesday - and dig in, because the holidays are less than 4 months away!

Our designers are now in full-fledged design mode, creating custom decor and banner solutions for clients from Alaska to Florida, and from strip mall to mega / super-regional, and towns/cities/villages as well as colleges in between. No project is too large or too small, for the industry experts at Downtown Decorations. Lets our expert team of designers and project managers, get started on your project today.

Call: 877.369.6332


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