Our Team

Not to toot our own horn, but we like to say that the team at Downtown Decorations Inc. is made up of the finest minds in the decorating world. Though we encourage you to get to know us and make that call yourself, we’re pretty confident you’ll want to go on a second date.

Likes: Any excuse to throw a party.
Dislikes: Never being able to completely be glitter-free.
Favorite Food: Breakfast pizza!

Ted PetersonPresident
Garrett PetersonVice President
Michael DesorboAccount Sales Representative
Kathy MooreAccount Sales Representative
Jimmy AlexanderAccount Sales Representative
Amy BirdsallSales & Marketing Coordinator
Cyndy LaRosaOffice Manager
 Elizabeth PetersonCreative Director
Jennifer MegninLogistics Coordinator
Kara HannDesign Assistant
Ashley LudlowGraphic Designer
Lance SmithersShipping/Receiving
Shannon MyersShipping/Receiving
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