Large Outdoor Commercial Christmas Wreaths

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Product Description

Downtown Decorations is proud to offer Custom Commercial Building Mount Wreaths, an essential piece to any holiday décor program. Through creative design and innovative manufacturing techniques, we can now offer a stronger, more attractive and more customizable wreath. The dimensional frames of our new cascade wreaths are lighter in weight yet stronger than traditional wreaths.

These wreaths feature half round frames for building front installation and full round caging for hanging or installing on pole mounts. Built with UV and fire-resistant, two-ply garland these wreaths are built to last. If you prefer a different type of garland, the option to select a custom garland is also available. Our wreaths are available in a wide variety of sizes, dimensions, lighting, and foliage options as well as a multitude of ornament and bow options.

Please contact one of our décor specialists to talk about your project.

Additional Information


We can custom build wreaths from 3’ to 30’ and beyond in a wide variety of ratios and diameters. Need a wreath to sit over a logo or a window? No Problem. Want a 15’ Diamond or square wreath. No problem.


Our standard foliage is Mountain Pine (Dark Green, Light Green, Brown Core) however you can select a wide variety of foliage’s from mixed foliage, long needle, metallic & colored options, to boxwood and holly options. All are commercial grade, UV resistant, and run on galvanized wire.


Our standard lighting is C7 or 5mm LED mini but our wreaths are available in any type of lighting or combination of lighting types and colors. C6, M5, C9, C7.

Ornaments and Bows

All of our wreaths are available with an almost unlimited variety of ornament & bow options.

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