The Avenue at White Marsh (2012)

In the fall of 2012, The Avenue at White Marsh in Baltimore, Maryland approached us to revamp some of their décor. They had an existing décor program that they wanted to breathe some new life into as well as change the look and feel without having to put a new program together. In addition, they wanted to add some visibility to their entrance sign on Honeygo Blvd. Working off pictures from the prior year’s décor and some measurement’s provided by management staff, the DDI design team worked hand in hand with the White Marsh marketing team to create a unique and upscale color scheme for their existing 30’ tree and 15’ wreath. We also added several 6’ and 8’ wreaths throughout the property as well as brand new banners. For the entrance signs, we created custom glitter mesh sign toppers with LED rope lighting for amazing daytime and nighttime pop. Stay tuned for even more additions to the property in 2013. For more pictures of what we did in 2012, click the read more button.


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