Promenade at Virginia Gateway

Promenade at Virginia Gateway offers an upscale mix of shopping, dining and entertainment, along with pedestrian friendly streets, an event plaza and interactive splash fountain. In 2014 they reached out to Downtown Decorations, Inc. with a unique request: They wanted a piece of holiday décor that visitors could interact with both at the shopping center and on social media. Downtown Decorations worked with Virginia Gateway to develop a unique object and a corresponding décor program for the center. What DDI came up with was a custom made ornament bench. The bench was hand carved and constructed to be durable outdoors and to withstand people sitting and climbing on it. In addition, giant fiberglass ornaments we’re stacked behind it it as a backdrop. The rest of the decor program themed around the bench and the ornament stack. Custom light pole banners featured the stack and light pole sprays featured the ornament colors. In addition, custom logo ornaments at each entrance were branded with the clients logo.

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