IDA Conference

We are excited to be taking part in the 60th annual International Downtown Association Conference and Tradeshow in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!  As a longtime active member of the IDA, we look forward to this conference every year. It will give us the opportunity to meet with representatives from downtowns across the world.

According to IDA officials, "this year's annual IDA conference and tradeshow will focus on intensification of downtown and districts worldwide. Successful revitalization and continued urbanization across the globe has turned our city centers into dynamic places of change. With more businesses, more employees, more residents, and more visitors choosing downtowns, demand for increased services and amenities is at an all-time high."

We encourage everyone to stop by and see us at booth #402 during the tradeshow. Downtown Decorations President Ted Peterson will be available to answer any decor questions you might have. See you all next week!


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