Commercial Christmas Trees
  • Looks Great – Our trees are not the standard panel cone trees, but are made to look like the real thing with individual life-like branches that stick out instead of laying flat down. Our pine foliage has 2 shades of color to add realistic live tree color and dimension.
  • Easy to install – Since our trees are constructed from 2' steel rings every piece can fit through a standard double door, or into an elevator. The entire tree can be installed using only hand tools, and a lift is not necessary since the frame creates it's own climbable rigging.
  • Quality – Our products will exceed your expectations every time. We are committed to having the highest quality products in the industry. All parts, including ornaments, are UV resistant, UL listed, and fire retardant.
  • Design – Our in-house team of designers can create a custom ornament pattern to match you space, from traditional holiday to modern, sleek, and stylized.
  • Stays Great – We provide a 5 season heavy weather warranty on all our trees.
We invite you to learn more about our work by viewing our Guide to Giant Trees below. Or better yet, contact us directly to talk about how we can help bring your holiday vision to life.

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Giant Tree Guide


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