Got Holiday Decorations? Start Planning Now!

The 2014 holiday season is quickly approaching. By the time we know it, buildings and streets across the globe will be adorned with holiday decor.  Now is the time to start planning your program.
Downtown Decorations can add holiday excitement to your municipality, downtown, shopping center, casino, event center, commercial building or campus. We offer custom wreaths, garland, bows, lights, ornaments, banners, pole decorations, giant treesand many other décor items. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards of construction while maintaining an upscale look.
We have worked with clients of all sizes from across North and South America. We pride ourselves on the ability maximize value while creating the most visually impressive environments imaginable. Our design team can create any vision that a client might have.
For more information on both interior and exterior holiday décor programs, visit the Downtown Decorations website or call 877.369.6332 to speak with a representative.


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