Brackets: Small – Banners up to 72” in Length

Product Description

Small- 17.5 sq. ft.

* For banners up to 72” in length

BannerSaver™ brackets that allow a banner to flex according to wind speed and direction. Instead of catching the wind and tearing, your banners bow briefly to let wind spill safely away. When the wind dies down, banners and poles return to their original position, remaining taut and readable the entire time. Simple. Brilliant. Patented.

  • Eliminates damage to banners, brackets and poles from winds up to National Weather Service tornado specifications
  • Two-piece cast aluminum base is easy to install with standard tools. Powder-coated finish is available.
  • Simple physics - The Change in angle spills 87% of wind compared to less than 25% for standard bracket systems.
  • Speeds banner change-outs
  • Cuts maintenance to a bare minimum
  • Reduces light pole liabilities
  • Keeps banners taut and looking terrific
  • Protects everyone’s banner investment — and image
  • Proven: certified and installed across the U.S. and worldwide
  • The only outdoor pole bracket allowed by many cities
  • Four sizes, for banners from 17.5 sq. ft. up to 30 sq. ft. based on wind load
  • Backed by customer support like you’ve never experienced before!
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