Mountain Pine Swirl Tree

Product Description

Create a unique holiday atmosphere by adding a modern and stylish Swirl Tree to your downtown or property. These charming centerpieces are a stylized and modern twist on the traditional Christmas tree. Available in a variety of sizes with Incandescent or LED lights, these trees look astonishing at every price point.

Available in sizes 13', 15’, 18’, and 21' lit with mini lights.

Additional Information


13′, 15′, 18′, 21′


180 lbs(13′), 210 lbs(15′), 240 lbs(18′), 270 lbs(21′)


1200 count (13′), 2400 count (15′), 3200 count (18′), 4200 count (21′)

Light type

Incandescent, LED

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