Adirondack Mountain Pine Giant Tree

Commercial Christmas Tree
Commercial Christmas TreeGiant Christmas TreeCommercial Christmas TreeGiant Christmas TreeGiant Christmas Tree

Product Description


The Adirondack Mountain Pine Tree is our most popular holiday décor centerpiece and can be customized with nearly any design. When choosing a tree, you want flexible options. We understand that, which is why we customize your tree in 4 easy steps.

A few reasons why you will love your tree:

  • Your choice of warm or cool lighting in 5mm LED wide angle mini lights
  • LED lighting reduces energy consumption and energy cost by 85%
  •  Your tree can GROW up to 110' by adding 2' rings
  •  The entire Tree can be installed and assembled with hand tools (up to 30')
  •  Branches are easily slid into pre-drilled slots throughout the frame without the need of additional hardware
  • All trees are constructed so that all parts can fit through any normal sized double door or elevator
  • Our frame is powder coated for durability and long life
  • Trees come with at least a 5 season heavy weather warranty

There are add-on options for commercial Christmas trees:
Giant Tree Bases
Giant Tree Fencing
Please contact one of our tree specialists to begin discussing the options for a giant artificial Christmas tree for your property or downtown. 877-369-6332

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Available in 14′ to 101′


Available in any Lighting Option

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