Custom Light Pole Banners

Durable Light Pole Banners that withstand the Elements

Neither snow nor rain nor heat… Ok so our banners aren’t your postman but they have the same motto. We utilize the highest quality fabrics & inks to prevent your light pole banners from succumbing to the conditions, from fading to freezing to high winds.

Light Pole Banner Hardware & Accessories

We offer 5 different mounting brackets to make sure your banner is tight, taught, secure, and snug as a bug on a light pole. If you want to get fancy we also offer vintage bracket styles and finials. Don’t forget to ask about our banner light to show off your banner designs to your late night visitors.

Product Warranty

There's no doubt that our THREE FULL YEARS banner warranty is the best on the market and we know nobody’s got time for reading for all the small print. So we will just tell you that competitor warranties only cover manufacturers defect but not issues like banner fading. Our warranty covers both defect and fading for 3 continuous years (not seasons).

Light Pole Banner Information

Our Sales team would dominate at banner trivia night. So don’t hesitate to call and ask them all your questions! But if you hate having to pick up the phone and talk to a real human check out our Banner Guidelines pdf to learn more than you ever needed to know about banners.

Provide your contact information below and a member of our sales team will get right back to you!


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