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Washington College

We’re about a month away from the start of the fall semester at colleges around the world. Schools are preparing for the return of old students and the arrival of new ones. One of the... Read More

Trinity University

Downtown Decorations recently completed this unique and exciting banner project for Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. These colorful and creative banners are now on display outside of the stunning Northrup Hall, which was designed... Read More

Wegmans Veggie Welcome Banners

At Downtown Decorations, we pride ourselves on having strong relationships with our clients. Oftentimes, we work with companies, downtowns, casinos, colleges, shopping centers, etc. throughout the year on multiple projects. One of... Read More

Mashpee Commons

For the past four years, Downtown Decorations has been working with Mashpee Commons, a 278,946 sq. ft.... Read More


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